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While looking for ways to improve the marine fuel delivery process, we observed a weak link in the chain: the paper-based Bunker Delivery Note (BDN).  Nearly all BDN's are still completed by hand with pen, paper and a calculator.  If Mass Flow Meters (MFM) are not used, manual volume calculations are based on outdated tables.  This increases the margin for error and causes delays in document delivery, slowing down your and your customer's business.

Problems with Paper BDN's

Vortex's field research team concluded that there was significant room for improvement and created a digital alternative to hand-written BDN's and ship safety forms.  After research and testing in the marketplace, we launched the Digital Bunker™ solution -- Electronic Bunker Delivery Notes (E-BDN™). This SaaS application, offered on a monthly subscription basis, saves you time and money by improving the operational efficiency of your bunker deliveries.​ 

Repetitive printing costs of BDN, Safety and Compliance forms

Illegible or incomplete forms are a liability in a court of law

Archival storage requires constant scanning and administration

Sharing forms is slow and must take place back at the office after scanning

Paper-based forms provide no analytics of content

Lost or damaged forms put a company at risk for claims

Solved with Digital Bunker

 Why Digital Bunker?

Additionally, MFM does not provide a complete BDN, only a printout from the meter. Vortex's Digital Bunker™ solution captures meter tickets and provides for Ship Stamps, GPS tagging and signatures on an Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (E-BDN™).

 challenging the status quo

The Digital Bunker™ E-BDN™/E-BDR™ from Vortex Development Group is legally compliant and enforceable and is a preferred method for BDN/BDR record keeping, proof and authentication.       

                                                                                 -- J. Stephen Simms, Legal Counsel and past IBIA Board Member

Eliminates your current paper form printing and filing expense, saving time and money.  Users always have the latest version on their device.

Required fields ensure forms are complete and digital entry ensures collected data is always legible, reducing legal exposure.

PDF documentation is automatically emailed to all stakeholders and archived.

An E-BDN™ (Electronic Bunker Delivery Note) and E-Ship Safety™ form are transmitted to the office immediately upon submission with copies to a distribution list so your business moves quickly.

Digital Bunker™ updates a private, secure and searchable database, allowing analytics of historical data.


Digital Bunker™ reduces loss or damage issues since digital forms and data are stored electronically.  Plus, a Vortex E-BDN™ is legally compliant and enforceable and is a preferred method for BDN/BDR recordkeeping.