The electronic forms can be easily modified as IMO regulations evolve.

digital bunker

Incorporates automatic API 2004 volumetric and density calculations, replacing 1980 API Tables for a more accurate determination of delivered quantity.


 Customized Forms

MARPOL-compliant Electronic Bunker Delivery Note with GPS-tagged ship stamps, signatures and automatic calculations for volume correction factors (VCF). 


Digital Bunker™ forms are tailored towards the needs of your delivery and office staff.  We start by using your current paper documents as a base to customize the electronic form used in the app. 

ISGOTT-compliant electronic ship safety forms, valid in ports around the world.

The final PDF output can match the look and feel of your existing paper-based documents, including branding, making the transition to Digital Bunker™ easier for your office staff and streamlining your backend processes.  

E-Ship Safety

Select from a list of ship names and automatically populate other ship details from a database.

The electronic forms contain the identical fields as your existing paper-based documents, making the transition to Digital Bunker™ easier for your delivery staff and reducing the complexity of bunkering operations.  




​Development Group

An end-to-end solution including Nomination/Confirmation, E-Ship Safety™,

E-BDN™ and Invoice using our E-STEM™ module.

 Tailored Services

Include additional pages to your E-BDN™ for sample bottle images, letters of protest, etc.

how it works

 Key Features

A version of E-BDN™ that is compliant with Singapore's TR 48 specification and works with mass flow meter (MFM) deliveries.

The Digital Bunker™ solution is provided as a SaaS subscription service that includes:

  • Customized forms delivered through the Digital Bunker™ app.

  • The Digital Bunker™ hardware kit containing two iPads and a battery-powered, wireless Wi-Fi printer.

  • Training to ensure a successful deployment for your team.

  • Support to ensure adoption and your continued success obtaining value.

Vortex provides an app-based suite of tools for maritime fueling. Our focus is to develop the de-facto electronic standard in the bunkering industry for completing delivery paperwork.​​​

​Updates a private, secure, searchable database allowing analytics of historical data.


Capture ship stamps and signatures with GPS coordinates: ensures valid, reliable receipts.  Digital Bunker™ removes repetitive data entry by passing field information from page to page and form to form.