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Include additional pages to your E-BDN™ for sample bottle images, letters of protest, etc.

Select from a list of ship names and automatically populate other ship details from a database.

 Customized Forms

 Key Features

Capture ship stamps and signatures with GPS coordinates: ensures valid, reliable receipts.  Digital Bunker™ removes repetitive data entry by passing field information from page to page and form to form.

An end-to-end solution including Nomination/Confirmation, E-Ship Safety™,

E-BDN™ and Invoice using our E-STEM™ module.



ISGOTT-compliant electronic ship safety forms, valid in ports around the world.

Incorporates automatic API 2004 volumetric and density calculations, replacing 1980 API Tables for a more accurate determination of delivered quantity.

digital bunker

The electronic forms contain the identical fields as your existing paper-based documents, making the transition to Digital Bunker™ easier for your delivery staff and reducing the complexity of bunkering operations.  


​Development Group

The Digital Bunker™ solution is provided as a monthly subscription service that includes:

  • Individualized consultation about your unique forms and business requirements.

  • Your customized forms delivered through the Digital Bunker™ app.

  • The Digital Bunker™ hardware kit containing two iPads (with cellular contracts) and a battery-powered, wireless Wi-Fi printer for each of your bunker tankers, supply trucks or ex-pipe.

  • Training to ensure a successful deployment for your team.

  • Support to ensure adoption and your continued success obtaining value.

​Updates a private, secure, searchable database allowing analytics of historical data.

The electronic forms can be easily modified as IMO regulations evolve.

The final PDF output can match the look and feel of your existing paper-based documents, including branding, making the transition to Digital Bunker™ easier for your office staff and streamlining your backend processes.  

E-Ship Safety

MARPOL-compliant Electronic Bunker Delivery Note with GPS-tagged ship stamps, signatures and automatic calculations for volume correction factors (VCF). 


Vortex provides an app-based suite of tools for maritime fueling. Our focus is to develop the de-facto electronic standard in the bunkering industry for completing delivery paperwork.​​​

A version of E-BDN™ that is compliant with Singapore's TR 48 specification and works with mass flow meter (MFM) deliveries.

Digital Bunker™ forms are tailored towards the needs of your delivery and office staff.  We start by using your current paper documents as a base to customize the electronic form used in the app. 

The E-Ship Safety™ form is now available at no charge on Apple’s App Store and runs on iPads and iPhones.  Vessels, physical suppliers, surveyors and port authorities can now receive PDF’s and real-time data from the ship’s rail.


              Download Digital Bunker™

           from Apple's App Store: 

After installing Digital Bunker, click the green “Let’s Go!” button to start the E-Ship Safety™ form. 



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